Each architectural style offers uniquely distinct characteristics, which respond differently to specific site opportunities and constraints. Some styles are best suited to longer street exposures and may not be compatible with narrower Lot shapes, some of them present a more formal axial emphasis at the front of the Home, while others are purposely more casual. There are also some styles that are more adaptable to steeply sloped sites. All of our designs were drawn for individual client needs, with only a handful of exceptions, all of client plans went through the local permit process successfully, and homes were constructed. We give you all the files, so you can edit yourself or your Architect, Contractor can make the changes to fit the local requirements. Structural plan requirements may change according to location.

Building Code Information

All plans are designed to provide information needed to build your home. Because of the wide range of requirements throughout states and municipalities, it is possible that the plans may not have all of the information required by your building department. If this is the case, we recommend hiring a local design professional who can assist bringing the plans up to your local building code.


Some states require that a licensed architect or engineer review and stamp the plans. If this is the case where you will be building, a local professional will be able to assist you.

IMPORTANT: All Plan Sales Final

The pdf file provides you with an electronic or paper version of the plan set. It comes with giving you permission to make modifications and to print paper sets for your personal use."